The Iconic and Intriguing Ipoh

Every state in Malaysia has its own unique story to tell, but none quite like Ipoh. From its colourful and glorious history that speaks of thriving tin trades to its well-preserved East-meets-West architecture, Ipoh is quite literally a cultural gem that can charm the hearts of both visitors and locals alike. While many establishments tend to gravitate towards modernism, The Stallionz @ Ipoh White Times Square is the first development that aims to hearken back to history and pay homage to Ipoh city as well as its people and rich culture, and in doing so, looks to revive the city’s best elements into one spot and preserve it for many more years to come.

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An Aesthetic Evolution

Located within Ipoh’s very own White Times Square, The Stallionz @ Ipoh White Times Square offers an escape within the city, taking visitors on a trip back into time through the concept of “Vintage Glamour, The Ipoh Way”. Here, guests can indulge in the exquisite combination of old English charm intertwined with traditional oriental facades as well as influences from 1950s Hong Kong – all of which perfectly capture the heart and soul of Ipoh.

From heritage buildings to art installations, The Stallionz @ Ipoh White Times Square is a bold piece of architecture that fondly recalls the past yet eagerly embraces the present. Stunning arches and classical features that are reminiscent of olden shop lots are present in the reception lobby interior, and the traditional old-town features which were influenced by the colonial British era are weaved into various parts of the buildings, providing a feast for the eyes amid the lush environment that surrounds the development. At The Stallionz @ Ipoh White Times Square, the line between the past and present is blurred, as is the one between living spaces and nature.

Classically Contemporary

As a space that speaks of elegance, affluence and tranquillity, the facilities that accompany this project have been aptly designed and named to fit the concept of “Vintage Glamour, The Ipoh Way.” The east and west lobbies, otherwise known as “King’s Hall” and “Queen’s Hall” respectively, boast a spacious lounge area for much-needed entertaining or resting, whereas the garden lounge (known as “The Secret Garden”), offers a space of respite peppered with elements of nostalgia. Other welcome facilities such as meeting room (“The Tea House”), games room (“The Haven”), the sky lounge (“Sky Loft”) and sky gym (“The Builders”) are excellent ways to nurture that perfect “work hard, play hard” balance in life.


Depths Of Design

Outside of the living spaces at The Stallionz @ Ipoh White Times Square, trees rustle, flowers bloom and grasses sway in landscapes that have been designed to perfectly complement the structure. Guests are gently lulled into immersing themselves in British colonial-themed sceneries upon arrival, and being one with nature at the regal Stallion Garden or the Kellie Castle-inspired Bailey Garden or even the local-themed Commune Garden.

Plus, in true tribute to Ipoh, Level 12 houses two nostalgia-inspired pools called the Blue Moonlight Pool and Atapci Pool, a stunning Terracotta Courtyard and a Hummingbird Garden inspired by Ipoh’s hummingbird mural art.

It is clear to see that, at The Stallionz @ Ipoh White Times Square, elevated living and vibrant experiences await the most discerning of people who appreciate art, history and craftsmanship.

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